With just 50 days until Election Day, Tina Nieto, Candidate for Monterey County Sheriff is hitting it hard and taking names! We are excited to share a coveted endorsement received from the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association (DSA)! 

A First in Many Years! 

The DSA, which represents Sheriff's deputies, have thrown their full support behind Tina and while doing so, making history wanting a candidate not from within the department in recent memory. 

"I am honored to be endorsed by the DSA. These men and women are passionate about public safety and deserve a leader and leadership team that values their sacrifices and the hardwork that our profession demands. Together, we WILL make the Monterey County Sheriff's Office a leader in best practices, a place sought out to work at while making our communities safer for everyone! Thank you to the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association members and their families for helping us move one step closer to achieving this."